Sunday, February 28, 2010

Topify - A Twitter Helper

Been a while since I have written a blog post. Been a busy winter with heading to Disney last weekend (some great animal shots from our time there), attending the ICE 2010 Conference this past week, and work. :) Wanted to write a quick blog post about Topify, which is a great Twitter add-on that will make your life more efficient when people "follow" or message you using Twitter

I remembered hearing about Topify a while back from friend/colleague Tammy Lind and was reintroduced to it at the ICE Conference this past weekend by Chad Lehman.

Topify works as follows. You sign up with Topify (free) and they take care of emailing you notifications coming from your Twitter account. Now, why is this a bonus? Wouldn't this just be another annoying email in your email box aside from the ones you might get from Twitter already? Well, it would be another email except I use this now instead of my direct notifications from Twitter .

When you receive a Topify email that someone has followed you, you can choose to follow back, block or report as spam right from the email! This saves the hassle of having to go over to your Twitter account from your email, find the person and block them or follow them back. Screenshot of email below (from a spammer) shows some of the highlighted links that are right in the email.

Head to the Topify website and watch their demo video and it explains how to set up their notifications. Part of the process involves putting their Topify email address in your regular Twitter account email area so the messages funnel to you through Topify.

Overall great time saver and I can read a few tweets by the person now following me to see if I want to follow back right from the email. Thoughts? Anyone else use or use something similar?