Sunday, September 21, 2014

Making a Custom Google Forms Banner with Google Drawings

Earlier this month, Google updated Google Forms so we can now customize the look of a form.  Since I'm all about the snazz, I immediately took to this!  I just made a template for a banner to share out to my staff with some directions on how to get started.  Took some screenshots along the way and included those on the template as well.

EXAMPLE: I was creating a sign up form for a PowerTeacher Gradebook training in my building.  Here's the final form below with custom banner I whipped up using Google Drawings...

Banners just have to be 1200 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall (like Google+ Event or Hangout on Air custom banners).  

Here's a link to the Google Drawing Banner Template I made.  The template contains directions and screenshots for how to set up a custom banner.  If you like this, save it to a Google Drive folder of yours for access later!  Enjoy!