Thursday, March 25, 2010

Embedding Google Calendar(s) in Other Sites

I did some training sessions this week for my staff on using to create your own classroom, department or house wiki. Many seemed to take some steps toward really seeing how having their own website/wiki could be beneficial. One of the questions I was asked a lot was, "how do I put a Calendar in my wiki?" Some of our staff that have created a wiki have embedded a Google Calendar with assignments, class birthdays, tests, projects, and the like. This has gone over very well and what better way to help keep students organized.

Our middle school works on a HOUSE system where there are 4-5 Core teachers that have the same kids in a "house." One House decided to create a single calendar for Math, single calendar for Social Studies, single calendar for Language Arts and so on. In the end, the staff only wanted to embed ONE calendar on the wiki that had all the Core class information on it that was color coded (see example below).

Great way to organize the information for the students. My advice if you do this is to have one staff member in the house or system create the calendars in Google Calendar and then SHARE each calendar to the other staff members so all staff members have editing rights.

Here are some other resources I've accumulated along the way if you are interested in exploring Google Calendar more:
I put together a handout explaining how to embed a SINGLE calendar or MULTIPLE calendars like the one above using Google Calendar. Feel free to take and use.

My life is centered around Google Calendar. Great for synching with mobile devices as well! Enjoy!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Edited (& Fixed) by the White House

Back in early March, I saw a message either on Facebook or Twitter from the White House asking "What does 21st Century Education mean to you?" They encouraged people to respond via Facebook or Twitter. I posted a quick "tweet" back not really thinking much of it.

So today I was looking up something else and remembered that call out. Went to
White and found the article they did with reader responses. I encourage you to check it out here and look under the Twitter responses area.
I was surprised and honored to think that my voice was one they chose from the masses. I remember looking on Twitter that day to see if others had responded and there were a whole slew of thoughts. I really feel the value of a 21st Century Education is what kids in today's society need to survive.

Funny Side Note: The title of this post comes from the fact that I was officially edited by The White House because here is the original Twitter message that I sent. They took out my "Create-Communicate-Collaborate" mantra. :(

Still - pretty cool to see my mug

UPDATED: So apparently after sharing my newfound fame on Twitter and Facebook today, The White House took notice and FIXED my Tweet and made mention at the bottom of their page for the inadvertent mistake (see below). I fully revoke my complaining.