Saturday, November 14, 2009

What is TWUBS?

This week I had the pleasure of sitting in on a Webinar to learn how to use So what is a TWUB? It stands for a "Twitter Hub." Tony Ferraro (@tferraro on Twitter) has been very helpful with offering webinars and training for those that set up a Twubs. Twubs allows for real-time following of Twitter messages as long as the Twitter posts have a hashtag (#) in them. It consolidates all tweets into a real-time feed. Great way to follow topics.

Personally, I am setting up a Twub for the Google Teacher Academy I'll be attending in Washington DC on Wednesday, December 9th. 50 applicants were selected and many of them are on Twitter so we are now conversing through Tweets and our Twub. I am also setting up a Twub for the Milwaukee Digital Media Conference that will be taking place at the Milwaukee Art Museum in July of 2010.

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