Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Parent Letter for using iPhone/iTouch

One of our 8th Grade Math teachers polled the students in his class and found out that all but 4 students had an iPhone or iTouch. This math teacher heard there were Graphing Calculator apps for the iTouch/iPhone. Below is a copy of the letter if you would like to take, use, adapt for your school. We found Quick Graph which is a FREE graphing app.

For those students that did NOT have an iPhone or iTouch, the math department had regular graphing calculators those students could use. We spent some time with the students discussing that the iTouch/iPhone should be used as a tool when in class and it was not time to text your friends or watch videos and if that was being abused, the tool would need to be put away.

We sent home a parent letter to inform parents of what we were doing and to seek parent permission for students to bring/use the device in class. Feel free to take, alter and use this letter. The letter also contains directions on how to get Quick Graph.

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