Saturday, March 13, 2010

Edited (& Fixed) by the White House

Back in early March, I saw a message either on Facebook or Twitter from the White House asking "What does 21st Century Education mean to you?" They encouraged people to respond via Facebook or Twitter. I posted a quick "tweet" back not really thinking much of it.

So today I was looking up something else and remembered that call out. Went to
White and found the article they did with reader responses. I encourage you to check it out here and look under the Twitter responses area.
I was surprised and honored to think that my voice was one they chose from the masses. I remember looking on Twitter that day to see if others had responded and there were a whole slew of thoughts. I really feel the value of a 21st Century Education is what kids in today's society need to survive.

Funny Side Note: The title of this post comes from the fact that I was officially edited by The White House because here is the original Twitter message that I sent. They took out my "Create-Communicate-Collaborate" mantra. :(

Still - pretty cool to see my mug

UPDATED: So apparently after sharing my newfound fame on Twitter and Facebook today, The White House took notice and FIXED my Tweet and made mention at the bottom of their page for the inadvertent mistake (see below). I fully revoke my complaining.

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